Multiplay Insomnia 59 Recap!

Wed 14th Dec 2016 - 11:42pm

For the last three Insomnia events, we here at CAZ have always tried to attend and battle for the goal of first price at every single one, first losing out to CeX back in December, then back in august we took third place by losing to Infused.Rasta then finally we get to i59. Today we will be walking through our experience at the event and how it went for the Boys in Blue. After a few last minute team changes and pickups it was time to get on with the event!

Jake ‘Jakem’ McCausland
Oscar ‘Ozzy’ Scott
Michael ‘MCK’ McDonald
James ‘Kryptix’ Affleck
Brandon ‘Weber’ Weber

Kicking off the weekend, we had to find two stand-ins to cover Roma and Dream, at a last-minute rush, we found the duo of Kryptix and Weber as last minute stand ins! Although we had to jel last minute, we kicked off in the group stages very well and beat ‘Quiche Gods’ and FM eSports Academy 1-0! Next, we had to face up against some more mixed line-ups in the name of ‘PugMasters’ and ‘Crayon Eaters’ where we managed to beat both 1-0 to make us 4-0 in the group stages at this point. Lastly, we had to face the other seeded team in our group Odin eSports as the decider who tops the group! Thankfully, we managed to beat Odin to top the group and gain more momentum going into the bracket portion of the event!

Going into the bracket, we had to go against the line-up of Kings unite pro, where we managed to pick up a 16-5 and a 16-2 victory against them to advance onto Impulse! Although Samwell and co had an impressive iSeries overall, we saw the Boys in Blue 2-0 them in a fast series to face uFrag for Top 8! With uFrag always being a fighting force within the UK scene for years, we always knew this would be a tough fight to overcome but with the firepower of the likes of Kryptix and Weber, deemed to be two of the best in the region, we managed to overcome uFrag with a 2-0 scoreline. Next, we had to play the UK Masters Finalist’s Endpoint, after coming off a loss against FM in the finals, as a squad, we knew that we had a fight on our hands and what a fight we had! Over on Dust 2, we saw a the Boys get a confident start with a clear cut win of 16-4! Although, going into Train, the tempo swapped into the favour of Endpoint where they managed to pick up a 16-11 win over us! But this is where, personally the match of the tournament was played, is when we both got onto the server and fought out on Mirage all the way to 15-15, then even into the 2nd overtime where we eventually saw CAZ get knocked out of the tournament with a 22-20 scoreline on mirage.

Even though ENDPOINT finished off the job against us, they couldn’t manage to do it in the finals yet again vs FM eSports, which meant that FM got the double win this past weekend at Insomnia! As an addition, congrats to our former player Robiin to become the first double winner of the UK Masters!

Thank you for all of your support this past weekend and thank you even more to Weber and Kryptix for filling in last minute and making this weekend possiable!





Liam Biggs

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