Player History: Liam 'Godshot' Healy (HALO)

Thu 17th Sep 2015 - 8:09am : General : Gaming

Full Name: Liam "Godshot" Healy

Age: 24

Current Team: CAZ Esports Halo 


Liam Healy or better known as 'Godshot' kicked off his competitive career playing Gears of War in 2007. Recognised in the Gears of War scene for his individual ability using the shotgun, Liam was able to form a team named 'Hardcore Gaming' and attend his first ever event (XL4). This lineup would achieve a top 16 placement and the team would disband shortly after. Although Liam did not get the dream start he wanted in his career, his drive to compete led him to the opportunity to join vVv. The vVv lineup would only attend one event together (XL5) and shocked the rest of the European scene by placing 2nd being defeated by European giants Team Dignitas. During his time at vVv, Liam was able to display some fantastic performances and demonstrated his ability to play at the top level in Europe. With the next event (XL6) approaching, Liam decided to form a team with his long-time online friends JoeB and Myth. Playing under the pX name this lineup was able to secure 4th place and shortly after the event Liam joined 'Team Power Gaming'. Liam was highly anticipating the next event (i38) however was let down by his teammates who did not attend leaving Liam to secure some last minute replacements. Due to the unfortunate circumstances Liam was only able to achieve 5th place and this marked as an end to his Gears of War career. Liam would not attend another event until 2013. 

Due to Gears of War competitive scene losing much of its support, Liam decided to pursue competitive Halo. With a tonne of veteran Halo competitors within the scene, Liam knew it would take time to break through to the top level of European Halo. With i49 approaching Liam formed a team under 'Shady Tales' consisting of; Trick77, Bluetwo and Trunks. This team would only be able to achieve a top 8 placement and shortly after Liam decided to depart from the 'Shady Tales' roster. Heading into i50 Liam formed a team with; Tide, Colossal and Human. This lineup would achieve 7th place and once again Liam would depart from the roster on his search to find a team that could breakthrough to the top. After his disappointing finish at i50, Liam decided to form a team with his good friends Adamack, Creepeazy and Rosie. Liam states this lineup as his "favourite team ever" and this team would finish 6th at i51 in April 2014. Liam was slowly climbing his way through the competitive Halo scene which led to the formation of his next team consisting of; Septic, L3W and Macca. With i52 shortly approaching Liam aimed to improve on his past placements. With some good performances, Liam and the rest of his teammates would achieve 3rd place. This would be the last event Liam competed on in Halo 3.

With competitive Halo switching to the Halo 2 Anniversary title and i53 approaching, Liam formed a last minute pick-up team alongside; Pinchy, Clutchin and Jayo. With hardly any practice this lineup would only achieve top 16 and the team would disband shortly after. With the aim to breakthrough to the top level of European Halo, Liam was able to form a team alongside; Flamez, Havoc and former UK champion Snakey. With a team consisting of seasoned competitors this was an ideal opportunity for Liam to compete amongst the top teams in Europe. In 2015 this team would achieve a top 4 placement at i54 and Havoc would shortly after depart from the roster. This left the team looking for a player and led to the decision of picking up former European champion Vard. Shortly after the formation of this lineup, Liam and the rest of team decided to join CAZ Esports. With a roster full of undoubted talent and the backing from a respected esports brand, Liam had finally consolidated himself amongst the best in European Halo. 

With a surprise invite to one of the biggest gaming events in the world (Gamescom), Liam was excited to finally play against opposition from the United States. Unfortunately due to health conditions Liam could not attend the event which led to the team picking up Hollers to replace him. After a successful trip to Germany for Gamescom the CAZ Esports roster was back together with the last H2A event approaching. With some fantastic performances the CAZ Esports lineup achieved 2nd place at i55 after being defeated by Epsilon in a nail biting Grand Final. Liam had this to say about his time at CAZ Esports so far, "I'm enjoying my time here and I really appreciate the support, hopefully our team can push on from our second place finish."

The future is looking bright for the CAZ Esports lineup as they aim to continue competing at the top level of European Halo. 

We hope you enjoy this piece and make sure you tell us what you think in the comments section below!

Be sure to follow Liam on Twitter and to keep updated with everything CAZ Esports related just follow our official page here.


































































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    • Welcome UK HALO Team, it is a great pleasure for us to know about the launch of the team as it is a much awaited one from a long time. I hope the team will come with a lit of potential and make the ratings of the club to new heights. All are waiting for the new success stories.

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