TopicLow Glycemic Index Diets - Discover the Freebies That Actually Help You Lose Weight!

  • Fri 15th Mar 2019 - 11:20am

    Do you know that "freebies" come with low glycemic index diets? Biogenic Ketones Review No kidding! If you would like to know how to benefit from these "freebies" and what protein foods have to do with it, just sit back and read on.

    How fast foods are digested and absorbed by the body is what low glycemic index diets are about. Your blood sugar level is controlled by the rate of your digestion. Consider this, eating a corn chip will make your blood sugar level spike quite fast because it is easily digested - and that is not good for you.

    It is healthier to eat foods that digest slower so that the sugar will be absorbed slower by the body as well, this would make your blood sugar level more even.

    The glycemic index determines the rate the body digests and absorbs food and how this affects your blood sugar level. It is considered unhealthy and bad to eat something that digests quickly for it will spike your blood sugar level.

    Taking in foods with high glycemic index can result to strong cravings that could eventually lead to a bad eating habit that would be hard for your body to deal with.

    A very essential part of low glycemic index diets are proteins because they aid in stabilizing blood sugar. Proteins are slowly digested and absorbed by the body. If you would like to slow down the digestion of foods with a high glycemic index level, just add protein to it. For example, putting peanut butter in a piece of toast will slow down the digestion of the toast.

    Take note that the higher the protein levels of food, the slower it would be digested. Slower digestion helps you manage and stabilize your blood sugar easier.

    You may think that you would have to give up a lot of your favorites when taking a low glycemic index diet but you are wrong. All you need to do is to take as much high protein foods so that it would be easier for the body to handle properly. Eat the food you like but combine them with protein to help your body process them more efficiently.

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