TopicWhat Exactly is Your Life Purpose?

  • Fri 15th Mar 2019 - 11:24am

    I'm going to let you in on a little secret. It's no shame to be large. I'm going to let Spiritual Laws of Money   you in on another little secret. Large people can be just as successful as their smaller counterparts.My point is that large people have been taught by society that we are less desirable and less likely to succeed. That simply is not true, (unless you want to be a petite clothes model). But...there are things that a large person can do to enhance his image: attitude (a sense of humor), dress, and health.

    Dress for success The primary building block for dressing successfully is good personal hygiene. My father once told me, "We, (large people), have to take care of ourselves in places other people don't even have places." This statement is true for many of us. It is essential for large people to practice good personal hygiene. Expensive clothing can't make up for bad personal hygiene whether a person is thin or large. Take time to trim the fingernails and comb your hair and bathe well. The few extra minutes it takes to practice good personal hygiene are worth the investment.Dress appropriately

    Large people can't wear small people clothing and look their best. We must dress for our size.When I was in grade school I was constantly in trouble for wearing my shirt tails on the outside of my jeans. Every time the principal caught me breaking the rules he marched me to his office and gave me swats. After my third whack session the principal asked, "Why do you insist on wearing your shirt tails out? You know you'll get into trouble."

    I tucked my shirt inside my trousers and said, "Look. When I tuck my shirt inside my trousers I look like I'm a fat person trying to be thin, but when I wear my shirt on the outside of my jeans I look like someone who knows how to dress for his size. I look much better with my shirt tails out, and I'm willing to take swats to do it."The principal conceded that I indeed looked better. We compromised. I could wear my shirt tails out as long as my shirts were square cut.The point of the story is that large people should not try to dress thin. I usually get embarrassed for large people who try to wear clothes that are unflattering. Our bodies are not our strong point.


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