• CazuaLLUK

    CAZ Esports CEO & Founder Liam Biggs is well known in the technology world from his YouTube brand CazuaLLUK. Also with his past 7 years of COD eSports experience ranging from being a player himself to becoming management he is clearly a veteran of COD eSports. Liam dedicates most of his spare time to his YouTube and CAZ Esports trying to develop one of the leading UK brands....Read More

  • ErenLawrence

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  • reactz

    Jordan has been in eSports for a while now since 2011. He used to play MW3 competitively; it wasn't until 2013 where he took a managerial in Esports and progressed himself from there. From 2014 onwards Jordan has been involved in management and marketing for various organisations, he has been involved with Orbit, Barrage and UFrag. We are now very happy to have Jordan at CAZ and we hope to progress him even further in the Esports sector....Read More

  • AronOlafsson

    Aron Olafsson is the team manager is a Counter-Strike veteran from CS 1.1 times. He has rich experience in brand management with degree in management from Uni. Iceland. Aron joined the team after being admin in Tuddinn league. He saw a lot of potential with WarMonkeys as the best Icelandic CS:GO team. Aron has stayed with the team from early 2016 to progress the teams own brand, gaining popular support from the Icelandic Counter-Strike community and inspiring other Icelanders to build a better infrastructure around the scene. He has implemented an innovative approach to branding the team within the Icelandic eSports community. He has been with the team through thick and thin....Read More

  • Smithh

    A content creator primary focusing on keeping the CAZ Esports website up to date while produced interesting and insightful content to do with CAZ and the world of Esports....Read More